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Is CrossFit for me?

“CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, if not randomised, functional movements executed at high intensity.” – Founder Greg Glassman
Put simply, CrossFit is a training system that prepares you for whatever life can throw at you. Workouts are short & intense, and incorporate elements of gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, rowing, track, bodyweight calisthenics and circuit training.

Andre’s Gym was established as an affiliate of CrossFit, Inc. in Newcastle in 2010 by owner operator Andre Madikian. It is a purpose built Crossfit training facility which offers a practical and effective fitness regimen. Andre’s Gym has world class facilities and is the largest Crossfit exercise centre in the Newcastle area.

Crossfit is a method of exercise which was developed over several decades by coach Greg Glassman. It is a program which encourages strength and conditioning, built on constantly varied and randomised functional movements performed at high intensity. The aim of Crossfit is to optimise fitness and create a broad, general and inclusive fitness, preparing exercisers for any physical experience. Workouts are short and intense, and incorporate elements of sporting and physical activities such as gymnastics, rowing, track, olympic weightlifting, bodyweight calisthenics and circuit training.

Andre’s Gym in Newcastle provides a reliable service to people of all fitness levels, offering beginners classes as well as an over 40’s masterclass. The communal aspect of Crossfit is a key component to its effectiveness and will allow you to make new friends and achieve remarkable results.

Our qualified and highly experienced Crossfit Newcastle trainers will ensure that you receive a significant amount of personal attention which maintains confidence and motivation, whilst guiding you through the mental and physical process. The gym is equipped with pull-up bars, bumpers, kettleballs, dumbells, rings and other Crossfit equipment.

Register for a free Crossfit introductory session in Newcastle or contact Andre’s Gym by completing the online form or by calling 0416 275 523. Andre’s Gym is a great place to be part of, work hard, learn and develop skills with the Crossfit method.